The concept for Ring of Fire is something that sprang to my mind in the middle of my 7th grade Earth Science class (I won’t age myself by saying how long ago that was.) I immediately began taking notes, and “writing” during class. Luckily I had a super-cool teacher who encouraged me instead of punishing my creativity.
Many years, moves, and life changes later I picked it up as part of my first Nanowrimo project.
And here it is. My first book baby. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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What would you do if your mother died a traitor?

In a land where humans and magical creatures are at war, Kala grew up believing that Mystics were responsible for the death of her mother. After being rescued from her kidnapper by an Elf, she discovers that her mother was murdered by a human while working for the Alliance.
Her search for the truth leads her into the arms of her enemy. As her people prepare for war, her indecision threatens the lives of those she loves.

 “Ring of Fire has some wonderfully deep themes woven in…It’s a tale of acceptance, of learning that “them” is just an extension of “us,” and that hatred stems from ignorance

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COMING SOON in 2017…