This is my oldest. She is my bookworm, my motivator, and one of the only reasons ROF ever saw print. This girl was on my back for 3 years to finish it. image

Funny bit of trivia, you could almost say that Kala’s daughter  in the sequel is based off of her…except that character was mapped out a good 5 years before she was born. I just happened to hit the jackpot and birth a child with my dream-personality.

So it only seems fitting that she take part in the giveaway!

Our house is all about art and expression. So that is what this giveaway will be about!  Show us your favorite mythical character using whatever art form you most enjoy-whether it is writing, visual art, dance, etc. Post it on my FB author page by September 30th. My oldest will choose her favorite and a winner will be announced on October 3rd!