You guys! The UPS man nearly fell victim to the fiery wrath of the mother of a sleeping baby.
You know how people always seem to want to ring the doorbell right when the baby is sleeping, and the seething rage that follows as your little cherub squeals in response? During daylight hours I see how that can happen. I do.

Even when I have a sign that says don’t knock.
Even, with my second, who was a cruddy sleeper, when I had one that said specifically “Sick baby sleeping-you wake her YOU take her.”
But there is a certain expectation once the sun sets, that no one will ring the dang bell.
Not at 7:30, on a school night. (Yes I am old and crotchety. It’s what happens when you have 3 children and were finally going to get that shower you’d been dreaming about all day.

So all I’m saying is when the doorbell rang and it not only woke the baby but sent his sisters tearing down the halls in their PJs yelling “WHO IS IT???”…well he is lucky that my husband got to the door first because I was livid.

Or I was until I saw what he had brought me-a whole week earlier than expected!
The looks on their faces were priceless as they thumbed through the pile of copies. My oldest begged me to sign a copy for her teacher. Her sister asked if she could have one too.

With all the mistakes I feel like I make on a daily basis, it felt really cool to be their hero for a minute. It feels really cool to look at something so big and say “Hey look! I did a thing!”

It was totally worth having our bedtime routine thrown into chaos.