It’s the last day before Nano. It’s also Halloween, and a Monday which means we will all be battling the perfect storm of sugar-high hangovers and responsibilities come tomorrow morning.
My basic outline is done but I’ve been trying all morning to hash out some sort of outline for my sub-plots before sleep deprivation and the demands of others steal them from my memory.

Somehow this year is so much more terrifying than the first time. I don’t know if it is the pressure to follow-through since I was successful in 2013, or the knowledge that this is a continuation of a story that is already out in the world being read.

For accountability purposes I plan on checking in daily and sharing a bit of what was writte (without spoilers). At the end of the month I’ll be posting a Title contest where you’ll have the chance to name the sequel to Ring of Fire based on the snippets your read throughout Nano.

Are you ready? I’d love to hear from fellow Nanos!