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Here is a snippet of what is going on in the first installment of my Nanowrimo 2016 Title Contest!
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The dragon’s eyes darted open. Though few could hear the footsteps of the intruder who dared to approach her stronghold, to her the sound of his leather boots against the earth echoed furiously. She turned her head to the cave mouth. A figure stood, cloaked in the shadows. He was no stranger to her. If she had not already identified him by the sound of his gait, his scent would have given him away. He reeked of arrogance.

“You’ve some nerve encroaching upon my slumber, thief,” she greeted him with a warning.

“Thief? Fiora you wound me,” The figure feigned insult, “is that any way to greet an old friend?”

“A friend of mine you have never been,” tendrils of smoke swirled out her nostrils and her ivory teeth clashed against one another, setting off sparks as she spoke. “State your business or be on your way.”

“I’ve come for Anhedonia.”

The dragon hissed, rising from her pile of treasure. Gold coins fell from her scales, clattering on the floor as she puffed out her chest in warning. The sound of her claws scraping against the stone echoed off the cavern walls and made the figure cringe.

“Your arrogance has never before surprised me, young prince; but truly today you have gone mad.”

“Does the old man still have your loyalty? After all these years I thought you’d have grown tired of being his guard dog.”

Fiora let loose a stream of fire that lit up the cavern walls as it landed just before the figure’s feet. Though the stone before him scorched he did not flinch.

“Hear me out, Old One. The wizard has long been dead. His rivals defeated.” His eyes scanned the beast’s body language for any warning of attack before continuing. “A new enemy has risen. One that only years ago held you captive. Would you not like to see them in chains?”

Fiora bared her teeth and let out a low growl as she approached the stranger. As she slinked out of the shadow of her cave the moonlight bounced off her fiery red scales. Once a beautiful and fearsome beast, the light revealed flaws in her armored body-scars from where her captors had chained her.

“You have my attention.”

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