Running a bit behind, both time-wise and in my word count. Sick kiddos and other life demands got in my way, so today I’m playing catch-up. (Side note: I’m still looking for suggestions for an awesome Nano playlist)

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“Perhaps you have become too comfortable in your new life.” Eoma set aside her work to address the girl. “Perhaps you are allowing the illusion of security keep her from her destiny. You cannot protect her forever, you know.”

“She is only a child-“

“She is of Elven descent, and the heir to the throne!” Kala started. She had never before seen Eoma lose her composure, even in matters that dealt with fate. Especially with matters that dealt with fate.

“What have you seen, old woman?” Kala stepped toward the enchantress in a show of defiance. Once upon a time she may have feared the woman, but she was a child herself no longer; and she did not appreciate being told what was best for her own offspring.

“Even I have not seen her fate.”  So there it was. Though she had always been protective of the King, it was not just his interests Eoma was protecting. She was herself, left in the dark; just as they were. A breeze slipped through an opening in the tent entry. Kala shivered and pulled her cloak back around her.

Eoma’s eyes darted frantically from Kala to Charlezon before she collected herself, lifting her chin indignantly. Kala couldn’t be certain, but she thought she saw it tremble before she continued, “There is no precedent. We do not know how her awakening will occur, or when. We do not know if her human consciousness will accept it. You cannot keep her from us forever, Kala. It is unwise.”

“I will not put my family in danger to placate your fears-“

“It is you who should be afraid, child, if you dare defy me-“

“Peace, Eoma,” The King’s voice rumbled over their own, silencing them both.

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