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“You can’t catch me!” A voice taunted playfully behind her. She spun around just in time to see the figure disappear around the corner of her house, evading her again.

“No fair, Luka!” She cried out in exasperation before darting after him. She had the advantage when it came to speed, but he always waited until she was distracted.

“Ain’t nobody says I hafta play fair ‘Lana!” He shouted back over his shoulder as he led the chase into town.

The grass gave way to a dusty path and before she knew it they were weaving in and out of throes of people in the market. She cursed him under her breath. Every time!

The town was abuzz with activity. Summer was ending and farmers had begun to travel from all over the kingdom to sell their wares in the market. Azlana tried to ignore the static hum of their voices as she made her way through the crowd, pushing herself even harder to catch up to Luka. He knew she would best him in a straight race. That is why he played these games of cat and mouse; sneaking up on her when she was unprepared and forcing her into a setting where he knew she struggled to maintain focus.