The baby is still sick and I am still tired. Together we are sick and tired! And independently, I am about 10k words behind where I should be to finish this on time. I’m struggling with perspective, both in life and in my book. But let’s talk about the book today.

The first book was written strictly from Kala’s view. It was conceived when I was young and naive and in many ways I stayed true to the feel of her as a character, though she grew throughout the process of writing it.

This one requires multiple perspectives, which is already a risky thing to do to a reader in the middle of a series. But it can be done if it is done well.

My problem is that the characters are competing for my attention in every scene, wanting to tell their perspective. Wanting to explain why they feel the way they feel. Maybe it is because I find myself competing in a similar way in real life. Or maybe it is that, in the time that has passed between their conception and now, and between the end of the book and the beginning of this one, I have lost sight of who they are. Maybe they’ve lost sight of who they are too.

I’ve resigned to rewriting scenes from multiple perspectives, color coding them. I’ll work out the mess later. Sorry future me.

At any rate, here is a taste of what has been happening. Don’t forget to @StevieRaeCausey on Twitter with your title suggestions!
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Cazlyn, “You know what this means Kala.”
“The girl. It is time for me to take her home”
“This is her home,” Kala’s voice shook with anger
“This is where she has lived, but these are not her people.”
“These are my people and she is half mine”
“She is half ours too,” The stranger sighed, running his fingers through his hair
“You can no longer keep her hidden-from my people or yours. She is beyond the age of awakening already-“
“And nothing has happened,” Kala insisted, “For all anyone knows she is a normal human girl. Let her stay that way.”