Well tonight at midnight will be the end of Nano. It looks like the difference between writing with a toddler and writing with an infant is about 17k words.

Bit that’s okay, because I am still more than 32k words further than I was on November first


This month has brought so many changes and challenges. Yesterday marked my 30th trip around the sun, and today marks my husband’s 33rd. We replaced our floors, celebrated Thanksgiving and cut down our own Christmas tree.

We also survived the flu, a baby with an ear infection, a sensory kid reacting to all the changes, and the discovery (aka validation by a professional) that the baby shares some of the same challenges as his sister.

During nano many of us talk about these things-these pieces of life- as an obstacle between us and our writing. The truth is that these experiences are why we write, and why we do it well. When they say “write what you know” they don’t mean write about what you know how to do. They mean write about how you experience life- how it tastes, sounds, feels. The smells and emotions and textures that are woven in the mundane are what make the worlds we create relatable.

Especially the emotions. And boy do I have enough of those to fill more than a few novels.

So I won’t say that life got in the way of my writing; because life is what my writing is all about.

Thanks for a great month fellow Nanos! I look forward to sharing in your journeys as you take your novel beyond the month of November!