Read from November 09 to December 04, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

The Sunshine Time is a serial novella by Sonal Panse. Episode 1 focuses on Lea’s train ride to Alsalem, wherein she becomes enthralled by the Mitrone officer with whom she shares a car.
Given that she had just become engaged to her long-time boyfriend, I found Lea’s interest in the officer to be fickle and immature. Over the course of the story she flips back and forth between being catty and irritated to being so taken by him that she babbles on and on and becomes somewhat annoying. While there is background given on why her feelings are so conflicted, she flips back and forth so often that I found her hard to get attached to as a reader.
The author does a good job of setting up background information and giving depth to her characters through flashbacks, but it isn’t always immediately obvious whether a scene is in the past or the present, and so many characters are introduced early on that I became confused and had to read over several times.
The authors is descriptive and creates pleasant imagery but it is hindered by the fact that there are several run on sentences early on. Simplifying the structure early on in the novel would make things much easier for the reader.