Escape from the Past: The Duke’s Wrath is a YA Fantasy about a boy who travels to Mid-evil Germany via a video game his friend’s father developed.

From a formatting standpoint it felt like each page was a large wall of small text and my eyes became fatigued pretty quickly. My kiddo didn’t have this same problem.

The book starts out kind of rocky, with a character we hardly know being thrown immediately into a situation where we are supposed to care about what happens to him, and I did not feel I had enough time to get to know him before this happened.
There is in-depth description of the technology through which he is transported, as well as his surroundings, but not much believable inner dialogue. It is briefly mentioned that his mother drinks a lot, but we aren’t given much other information about his relationship until much later, when he feels guilty for behaving rudely to his mother in a situation the readers were not privy to beforehand.
Suddenly the character is thrust into the game…here I felt like his doubt of the situation may have been more believable if he had been using some sort of VR.
From there the plot develops at an acceptable pace, though there are still several examples of  inconsistent personalities in the characters. There are also a few place where the author switches between first and third person.
Overall I liked the concept and I think with a little more work this could be a best seller. I handed it off to my 10-year-old after I was done with it and she absolutely loved it. The errors did not detract from the story enough to bother her, and she is anxious to continue the series. So I would say that while as an author I think the book could use further development, its intended audience may not find as much fault with it as I did. Also, despite its struggles I will be reading the next in the series.