As you probably know, I began work on the sequel to Ring of Fire during Nanowrimo2016. Juggling #momlife with a new baby made writing a book a lot more challenging than I remember it being! All things worth doing are hard in one way or another, and I’ve been trudging along slowly over the past few months. I may even try Camp Nanowrimo for the first time this year to put a kick in my proverbial step.

Those of you who attended my most recent takeover got to hear about my recent conversation with Eoma. Not only did I learn more about her backstory. Actually we argued about it. ***POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT. If you’ve yet to finish Ring of Fire come back to this later***

Most of you know that Eoma is High Priestess. (What Kala’s people know as witches…but don’t say that in front of Eoma unless you want to risk her wrath and trust me, you don’t.) What you don’t know is how that came to be. You see, most people when they read the scene where Eoma reveals Charlezon’s past to Kala assume that the little girl in the vision of him as a child is his wife, but it isn’t. It’s Eoma. She and the King were childhood sweethearts, and her selection by the Clave, in  many ways, still a sore spot for her. You’ll learn more about that in the next book.

Which I suppose brings me to the reason for this post. The great unveiling of the working title for Ring of Fire’s sequel. My lovely and talented cover artist, Crystal Malta, was kind enough to put together a quick visual for my announcement. (Also it was her birthday this week! If you want to make her day, Click here and tell her how much you love the mock-up I’m about to show you.)


Without further delay, I’m excited to announce