One of my favorite part of world-building is getting to know my characters- especially the ones that haven’t fully revealed themselves to my readers yet. While Eoma’s backstory has been occupying the corner of my mind lately, another of my favorites is the nymph Sapphire.

Part of her intrigue is the mystery of her heritage. The slight deviations from the norms of her clan suggest a mixed ancestry, but as of yet no one has discovered her true lineage.

Name: Sapphire
Age: NA
Gender: Female
Race: Wood Nymph
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Skin: Green

Sprouted from one of the oldest branches of her clan, it is rumored that Sapphire has human DNA in her blood line. This theory is supported by her advanced intelligence, an uncommon trait in her kind.

Though she does have a few human tendencies, she retains many of her clan’s customs. Among them is a complete lack of communication with her half-human son.

Sapphire has a close relationship with nature, especially in the woods. She  loves dancing in the mists. Because of her conductive nature, lightning is often attracted to her, and she is often able to channel as part of her fight-or-flight response.

Whose backstory are you most interested in?