Happy Monday Everyone! (An oxymoron, if ever I heard one!)

This weekend was another whirlwind for us. The girls had the district fun run, E had her last soccer game, and R had her 11th birthday party!  Somehow (I think it had to be some sort of unicorn magic) I managed to edit the first 40 pages of Anhedonia in between.

Juggling my life and the lives of my characters has always been a struggle for me. It took 3 years from the completion of Ring of Fire’s rough draft until I finally held my breath and sent it out into the world. This year I am aiming for a fall release, and that means making a schedule. Week

days are for writing, and weekends for editing.

And so, here it is Monday. I am tying up the loose ends of chapter 12. In the previous chapter, Eoma and Kala couldn’t see eye to eye in regards to the fate of Kala’s daughter.

In this chapter, Eoma begins to take the child under her wing. Eoma shares some of the surface details of her backstory and they begin to form a connection.

A lot of authors talk about the importance of conflict in a story. But today I’m going to talk about connection. How your readers connect with your characters will greatly impact their overall experience with the story. In order to write those connections in a meaningful, and relatable way, I try to find some way that *I* can relate to each character’s situation. Not just once, but every chapter. When I find myself stuck in a scene, I take a step back and ask myself what my character is going through. What are they feeling? When is a time in my life that I felt the same way? By creating that emotional parallel between my experience and my character’s, I am able to bring their stories to life in a believable way. After all, they say to “write what you know”.

In chapter 12, I relate more to Eoma, though both characters are relaying their frustration at having to give up something that they love in order to serve a more noble purpose. Here we see the responsibility shift from Kala’s shoulders to her daughter’s, though they won’t really understand the impact of that until later in the story.


How do you connect with characters? Either your own, or those you read about? Share below for a chance to be quoted on Twitter!


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