Today marks the official end of the YA Summer Scavenger Hunt. Thanks to all who entered! Those of you who entered my giveaway, you should have your gift coded by tomorrow morning. I was only able to get halfway through them before my teething toddler decided the world was ending and had to be coaxed to nap…and by coaxed I mean he bit me repeatedly then cried because I set him down for biting.

A bit of an update on Anhedonia: I’m currently in the middle of Chapter 13, which is Kala’s chapter. In this part of the story she is reflecting on her parenting-sort of second-guessing herself, as mothers are wont to do. At the same time, she is worrying about her husband, who for various reasons is unable to reunite with them. (Surprise, surprise, Eoma is mostly responsible for this.)
I am finally getting some insight into how things will be leading into the next book (but wait, there’s more!‘) and fleshing out even more backstory that will likely pop up in the form of a prequel at a later date. The struggle now is not rushing into it all. The characters start to compete for attention after awhile and it is hard not to veer off course and jump ahead as they get louder. 🙂

Since The Hunt, I’ve gotten a few inquiries from readers who are anxious to see what happens next, so I thought I’d give a sneak peak.
This is a scene written from the perspective of Kala’s daughter:

The fog spun around me fast and faster. The scene changed. The ground fell from beneath my feet and the fog drifted with me, molding into clouds. I was flying!  Large wings beat against the atmosphere. My wings! I was in the body of a griffin! But how?

Never mind that, the griffin’s mind argued. It smelled something. Something new yet familiar. Something delicious. I circled a clearing and saw it! A rabbit tied to a tree. Something in the back of my mind tingled again. Why was it tied to the tree? The part of my mind that was my own warned me to stay away, but the griffin paid no attention, descending upon its pray.

Suddenly there was pain. Pain like nothing I had felt before. Almost like something had struck my arm-no-wing! Again and again it struck and we were spiraling, falling. As we fell I caught sight of the source of our pain. Several arrows protruded from our right wing. They bore the mark of the king’s army. Trap. A trap a trap a trap. I thought as we spun and fell. The ground came rushing up—”

Love it? Hate it? Can’t wait to read more? I’ll be looking for a few more beta readers at the end of June/beginning of July. Stay tuned to find out how to apply!