I was hoping to have moved on from chapter 13 by now, but I’m wrestling with Eoma again. She is stubborn as all get-out (and you can’t blame me-I didn’t make her that way, her circumstances did).

She and Kala are in conflict again. They seem to be doing this dance of hurting one another and then apologizing. Their conflict comes from a place of grief on both sides-more so for Eoma but I won’t say why 😉

I’m struggling to write it because I hate the way they are handling it. If I were a reader I would be begging them to cut it out and just make up already. They’re going to end up needing one another more than they know. But that isn’t the way things go, in this story or in life. One of the hardest parts of writing grief in one’s characters is reflecting on the ways that you relate to their behavior.

What makes grief in writing realistic for you as a reader?