About – Stevie Rae Causey

About Stevie Rae Causey

I write MG and YA Epic Fantasy that explore real-life themes. I believe that fantasy and fiction create a safe space for young people to explore the ins and outs of the world we live in and I aim to write the kind of stuff that entertains as well as fosters introspection.

When I'm not writing or speaking to teens, I'm usually chasing my kids, going on wilderness adventures, and posting pictures of my pets on Instagram.

Interview with the Author

Q - So, what makes the Amasai Rising Series Special?

A – I think the way that readers relate to the characters is what makes the series so special. I have always admired how that middle grade and young adult books, especially in the fantasy genre. In a lot of ways, young adult literature helped me discover who I wanted to be as a person, and I think this series does a really good job mirroring that journey in my professional life.

I think it speaks well to the Outsider as well. Everyone has felt like they don’t belong at some point, and that can take you down a dark path. Sometimes putting that into the context of magical schools, mythical creatures, Elves, Fae, and a little romance makes it easier to swallow. The literary version of a spoon full of sugar.

Q - What order should I read the books in?

A - I’ve written the series so that the trilogy and prequel can be read separately (think The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings or even how Lois Lowry wrote The Giver in a way that was able to stand apart from the rest of the series.

That being said, my personal preference is to read it in the following order:

- Ring of Fire (prequel)

- Amasai Rising

- Anhedonia

- Absolution

Q - Can readers get the whole series in one go?

A – Yes. I’ve put together an omnibus with all four books in the Amasai Rising Quartet for people who want to save some money and grab all the books in one swoop. Check out my author page here at Amazon for more details, and a full list of my available titles.

And thanks for reading!