Amasai Rising The Complete Series – Stevie Rae Causey

Amasai Rising

The Complete Series

Born of two worlds. Heir to the Elven throne. Overtaken by an enemy older than time.

Running isn’t new to Azlana. She ran from the harsh words of the kids back home. She ran from certain death when she fled the human city.

So it only makes sense to run again.

That’s what The Amasai whispers to her when she’s swept away to a hidden school for elven royalty where she is the only pupil.
And that isn’t all this new voice brings. I
mages of death fill her dreams until she can't tell where her thoughts end and The Darkness begins.

If she doesn’t assume the throne and unite elves and man, war will end magic forever.
But if she stays, the Darkness may overcome all.

Join Azlana in this fantasy adventure and Fight the Darkness. Free in Kindle Unlimited!